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SpeedCore AQUA

SpeedCore AQUA will allow the use of more polarity than a standard C18 alkyl chain in order to retain more polar compounds.

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Protein and Peptide separations

Separate Biomolecules with the SpeedCore BIO peptide and Protein phases.  Ultimate sensitivity with high efficiency, high resolution for tryptic digests and low abundance protein samples.

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New SpeedCore Brochure

Request a copy of the new SpeedCore Brochure to find out how the new selectivity choices and increased efficiency of core-shell particles can aid your UHPLC separations.

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Launch of SpeedCore AQUA HPLC columns 

Use core-shell columns to speed up methods, increase sensitivity and improve resolution 

SpeedCore BIO protein and peptide specific columns are now available.  Optimised pore size and bonded stationary phases to enhance the separation of biomolucules

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 New SpeedCore C18-PFP stationary phase

Combining the best of alkyl chain and PFP selectivity to gain the most orthogonal selectivity: Click to Request more info

Transfer 'old' LC methods onto core-shell particles with the use of the Application Note "Transfer HPLC Method to Core-Shell Particles"  Click Here  

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